Integrated Teaching Innovation Platform for Industrial Robot
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Evaluation and Competition:

Industrial robot application programming “1 + X” vocational skill level training and assessment platform;
Vocational and technical level training and assessment platform for industrial robot system operators of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security;Competition platform for Anhui Province Industrial Robot Technology Application Skills Competition.

Function Overview Evaluation:

The integrated teaching innovation platform in the field of industrial robot application is an integrated teaching platform that integrates training, training, and assessment, and is developed in strict accordance with the requirements of Industrial Robot Application Programming and "1 + X" vocational skill level standards. This device is suitable for industrial robot application programming beginner, intermediate, advanced training and competition. The platform is based on the typical application of industrial robots and is equipped with a variety of functional modules, which can meet the teaching and offline programming of industrial robots in typical application scenarios such as trajectory, handling, palletizing, sorting, gluing, welding, grinding, assembling, and stamping. It also includes the teaching of industrial robot system technology such as RFID, smart camera, walking axis, positioner, teaching industrial robot system technology such as virtual debugging and secondary development. It adopts modular design and can be flexibly configured according to training and assessment requirements. It integrates industrial robot teaching programming, offline programming, virtual debugging, servo drive, PLC control, variable frequency control, HMI, machine vision, sensor application, hydraulic and pneumatic, bus Application of communication, digital twin and secondary development technologies.

Product Characteristics:

1. Rich teaching resources
Supporting Industrial Robot Application Programming elementary, intermediate and advanced programming tutorials, supporting PPT courseware, teaching videos, experimental training instructions, and other teaching resources.
2. Various application scenarios
The platform is based on typical application of industrial robots, equipped with dual-claw grippers, vacuum suction tools, welding guns, drawing pens, laser pens, calibration tools, and other tools. The automatic tool exchange device can be used to achieve rapid replacement of the robot's end tools and can also meet Teaching and offline programming of industrial robot trajectories, handling, palletizing, sorting, gluing, welding, grinding, assembly, stamping and other typical application scenarios.

3. One machine for multiple uses
The functional modules of this device are relatively independent, all adopt a quick-change design, and the mechanical and electrical connections can be quickly replaced. They can be freely combined. According to the needs of elementary, intermediate and advanced training and assessment.

4. Application of the latest industrial technology
Each module is designed and manufactured in accordance with industrial-grade standards. Electrical and pneumatic components are selected from influential brands in the industrial market. Among them, PLC, human-computer interaction interface, servo system, inverter, and RFID are all selected by the Siemens brand. Industrial robots and PLC, human-machine interaction interface, servo, inverter, industrial camera, RFID, etc. all carry data exchange via Industrial Ethernet or Fieldbus.
5.Safe and reliable
The movement mechanism of the whole machine can use the emergency stop button to brake. Even if the program is modified and the factory settings are restored, it will not affect the safety of the equipment. It has safety protection measures such as leakage, short circuit, and limit protection.
6. Virtual and Real, Digital Twins
Based on the powerful Digital Twins function development of IRobotSIM intelligent manufacturing production line simulation software, real-time synchronization of hardware and software is realized, and the intelligent manufacturing production line operation process is reproduced in real-time.