Industrial Robot Installation and Maintenance Training System
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Evaluationand Competition:

National machinery industry vocationaleducation skills competition --"Industrial Robot Maintenance, Debugging and Technology Application" designated platform; 
One Belt One Road and BRICS skills development and technological innovation competition -- the only designated platform for "Industrial Robot Installation, Debugging and Maintenance Technology";
Professional skill appraisal andtraining equipment for “Industrial Robot Operators " of the Ministry ofHuman Resources and Social Security;
Mechanical industry vocational skill appraisal guidance center “Industrial Robot Installation, Debugging and Maintenance Workers" appraisal training equipment.

Function Overview:

Industrial robot installation and maintenance training system consists of industrial robot fault setting and diagnosis intelligent training system, industrial robot installation and adjustment platform (industrial robot module, console, base, teaching unit, control system installation platform), industrial robot motion controller, Servo driver, programmable controller, human-computer interaction system, online monitoring system, programming workstation, industrial Ethernet switch, gas supply system, smart camera, supporting tools, etc. Integrating application technologies such as mechanical installation and adjustment, electrical wiring, servo, frequency conversion, pneumatic drive, robot control, PLC control, and human-computer interaction, it can complete the disassembly and assembly of industrial robot bodies, industrial robot control system installation and adjustment, industrial robot zero calibration, Programming and operation of industrial robot fault diagnosis and maintenance, industrial robot handling, drawing, assembly ,and other applications; the robot body is suitable for repeated disassembly, can be disassembled to the screw level, and the locking torque and tension force can be accurately measured during disassembly And control; The control system installation platform has an open design, which is suitable for electrical wiring, debugging, and maintenance; equipped with an intelligent training system for fault setting and diagnosis, which can set faults and intelligent scores online. It can complete the installation and maintenance of industrial robots and the application of programming operations. It is equipped with rich teaching resources and can meet the experimental training teaching, skill evaluation,and competition training.

Product Characteristics:

1. The body of the industrial robot adopts the industrial-grade articular six-axis tandem robot, and the fastening connection part is designed with special technology, which is suitable for repeated disassembly and assembly. Each unit and module can be disassembled to screw level, and the locking torque and tension force in the disassembly process can be accurately measured and controlled. It is convenient to deeply understand the internal mechanical structure and principle of industrial robot body and exercise the precision assembly ability.
2. The open design of the control system installation platform is suitable for electrical wiring and debugging. It integrates robot control systems, PLCs, touch screens, etc., and comprehensively trains industrial robot workstations in electrical system design, debugging maintenance, and programming technologies. The robot control system uses industrial-grade control systems. PLC uses SIMENS system.
3. With reference to the common faults of industrial robots in practical applications, an intelligent training system for fault setting and diagnosis of industrial robots with independent intellectual property rights has been developed. After the fault setting is performed through the programming workstation, the fault is then eliminated according to the fault diagnosis history. The fault can be re-set by one-click or by point-by-point random setting, and it can also support the remote simultaneous online fault detection setting of the entire training room. The intelligent training system can record the troubleshooting process in real time and is equipped with an intelligent scoring system; it can set up to 32 electrical fault points.
4. With rich practical training instructions and equipment support, teaching PPT, teaching video and other resources.