Intelligent Mobile Robot
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Evaluation and Competition

The 46th world skills competition China selection - Mobile robot competition platform;

National vocational education skills competition of mechanical industry - mobile robot technology application competition platform;

The Belt & Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition - The only designated platform for mobile robot technology applications;

It's designated equipment for professional ability evaluation of mobile robot application technology of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce.

Function Overview

Developed in accordance with the 45th World Skills Competition and 2019 BRICS Skills Competition mobilerobot event regulations, this intelligent mobile robot adopts a modular design and has a universal interface, which mainly includes mobile platforms, multifunctional robots, NI myRIO controller, vision sensors, servo motors, etc. This robot function involves programming and control logic, robot positioning control, sensor application, SLAM construction, robot vision and other aspects, leading the development direction of mobile robots. The robot can be composed of different structural forms according to the needs to stimulate students creative thinking. The programming adopts LabVIEW graphical programming. The equipment technology is comprehensive, the design isreasonable and reliable, and the supporting resources are rich. It is suitable for practical training, competition training, and ability evaluation.

Product Characteristics

1. The supporting textbook “Application of Mobile Robot Technology” has been formally published by the Machinery Industry Press in 2018; supporting teaching resources such as PPT courseware, instructional videos, and experimental training instructions.

2. With portable and rapid development experience, students can independently develop and completea complete embedded engineering project application in a short time. The fuselage is built with standard kits, including the mechanical structural elements needed to design and build robots for different purposes, to achieve highly customized project development. It is suitable for curriculum design or student innovation projects in the fields of machinery, robot, mechatronics, measurement and control,etc.

3. Equipped with a variety of commonly used sensors, such as infrared ranging sensor, ultrasonicranging sensor, 9-axis gyroscope, QTI sensor, limit switch, analog image transmission module and camera, standard USB interface HD camera and more than 30 commonly used sensors for teaching.

4. Equipped with a variety of common motors, such as 20kg large torque DC deceleration motor with or thogonal encoder, 180 ° rotation servomotor720 ° rotation servomotor  and 360 ° continuous rotation servomotor, etc.

5. It support sarm programming with LabVIEW or C / C + +, including a large number of algorithm functions. It provides optimized driver functions for various I / O interfaces on NI myRIO, which is convenient and fast to call, and can customize FPGA programming.

6. A set of special tools for supporting mobile robots.

7. The test boxis divided into four layers, with rich modules and excellent production. It is suitable for competition, innovative design, experimental training and ability evaluation.