Manufacturing Line Design and Planning Software(IRobotSIM)
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Function Overview

IRobotSIM is aproduction line analysis and planning software with independent intellectual property rights developed by Bonus Robot in conjunction with anumber of scientific research units for 5 years. IRobotSIM software simulates robots and manufacturing processes in a Simulation environment to realistically simulate the motion and Rhythm of the production line, and realize analysis, and planning of intelligent manufacturing production line. Has a rich 3D equipment library to support user model import customized, physical, and sensor simulation. It supports robot offline programming, convenient drag operation, and excellent simulation effects for large simulations, powerful API and digital twin development functions

Etc. IRobotSIM is suitable for enterprise intelligent manufacturing production line planning and college production line design learning. Itreduces security risks, saves money and improves efficiency.

Product Characteristics

1 Complete 3D equipment library:

IRobotSIMhas a complete robot model library, which supports most branded robotson themarket,such as ABB,KUKA,Fanuc,etc. It also providesa large number of production line components to support the simulation ofproduction lines in large scenes.During the construction,dragging and simulation of large simulations, the interface can run smoothly.

2 Custom model creation function

CAD datacan be imported from the outside. Non-standard model components can be made. New axis joints can be created,and axis joint chains can be constructed. Andthe kinematic forward and inverse solution calculation can be added to the robot.

3Physical property simulation function

With a physical engine,you can set and modify the physical and dynamic properties of components,create a virtual environment containing physical laws,and simulate physical phenomena in real life,suchas gravity, elastic collisions, etc.Simulation of various realistic physical and dynamic properties of moving objects such asdensity,mass,speed,acceleration,rotational angular velocity,and impulse.In the motion simulation rendering collision,friction, and force,properties can get different motion effects for different types of dynamic.

4Sensor simulation function

IRobotSIMcan simulate a variety of sensor functions,suchas:

Forcesensor:can measure the force and torque ofthe motor;

Visionsensor:able to react to light,color, and pictures in space;

Distancesensor:accurately detect an object within thedetection range.

5Rich computing modules

The software includes the following calculation modules:collision detection module,minimum distance calculation module,inverse solution mode calculation module,geometric constraint solution module,dynamics module, and path planning module; so that the simulated robot can obtain the function automatic obstacle avoidance and path finding.

5Efficiency calculation module

It cancalculate the total amount of the robotwork for a fixed period and perform efficiency calculations, and analyze the cost-effectiveness of different parameters and layout schemes,single station equipment,andfull line capacity.

6Convenient drag operation

It cancalculate the total amount of the robot work for a fixed period and perform efficiency calculations, and analyze the cost-effectiveness of different parameters and layout schemes,single station equipment,andfull line capacity.

7Robot simulation function

Using the built-in inverse solution module. Through the interactive computer graphics technology and robotics theory,the robot's geometric figures are generated in the computer and displayed in three dimensions to determine the dynamic changes of the robot's body and working environment.

8Manufacturing process simulation

Quickly create a digital intelligent factory, through programming and debugging projects, simulate the workflow and layout of industrial robots, conveying equipment, etc.

9Intelligent manufacturing line analysis and planning

In the conceptual design stage of an intelligent factory, the whole system can be analyzed completely, and the mutual movement of each component can be observed and tested. Through the system virtual simulation software to simulate the movement and the flow of the production line in the corresponding virtual environment, the design defects can be easily modified on the computer, different layout schemes can be simulated, and the production line system can be continuously improved until the optimal intelligent production line design scheme is obtained.

10Offline programming function

With the help of virtual robot technology, IRobotSIM can program offline, just like moving a real robot by your PC! With the help of various tools provided by the software, tasks such as training, programming and optimization can be performed without affecting production, to improve the profitability of the robot system.

11Multi-view function

Support multi-view switching function, which can switch the scene to different perspectives for operation, or select multiple perspectives to display in the current simulation.

12Powerful API functions

IRobotSIM uses an integrated development environment and distributed controlarchitecture. Each model can be controlled by an embedded script, plug-in, andremote client application programming interface.

IRobotSIMsupports the secondary development of C/C++, Python, Java, C#, MATLAB, Octaveand other programming languages.

13Digital twin

It makes fulluse of IRobotSIM to import physical model, update sensor, run history, andother data, integrates multi-disciplinary, a multi physical quantity,multi-scale and multi probability simulation process, completes mapping invirtual space, to reflect the whole life cycle process of corresponding physical equipment. The virtual model of a physical entity is created digitally,and the behavior of a physical entity in the real environment is simulated bydata.

Support post output of robot motion point information; be able to directly generate code,import into the control cabinet, and control physical robots (including but notlimited to ABB, KUKA,EFORT,FANUC and other brands of robots);

The robot kinematics interface is provided. The kinematics and behavior logic of variousrobots and dynamic components can be controlled by the built-in template of thesystem or the script written in Lua language.

Supports 3-5 axis machine tools with 2 rotation axes,3-6 rotation axis series, parallel, dual-arm, AGV trolleyCartesian coordinates,and other robots, as well as corresponding tooling fixtures, AGV, personnel, conveyor belts, and other auxiliary

14Teaching advantages of IRobotSIM  

IRobotSIM has many typical real industrial application scenarios, which enables students to understand the workflow of an intelligent factory and complete the learning task of intelligent work layout.