Intelligent Control and Simulation Training System
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Function Overview   

博诺The intelligent control and simulation training system consists of the assembling industrial robot, the stacking robot, the three-dimensional warehouse, the intelligent camera, the pallet, the PLC control system, USB flash disk assembly center, the feeding area, the laser marking device, the ring assembly line, the sensor, smart IRobotSIM manufacturing production line simulation software and programming the computer, etc., the main functions are as follows:

博诺1. Intelligent control of USB flash disk assembly, mechanical installation and electrical wiring assembly, from recognizing sub-assembly parts to assembling of the finished product, transportation, and storage of USB flash disk parts to USB flash disk finished products.

博诺2. In IRobotSIM intelligent manufacturing production line simulation software to complete U disk production line construction and operation, import scene model, realize the pallet, handling, counting, defect detection, marking, sorting and assembly, and other functions, completed the construction of the production line, parameter setting, and scripting, technological process of virtual scene design, realization process of automatic operation of the virtual scene.

博诺3. Debugging of hardware platform, programming of PLC and robot, establishing data communication between the virtual environment and real production, coordinating movement, developing digital twin system of USB flash disk assembly line.

Product Characteristics

博诺1. The intelligent control technology based on the intelligent manufacturing line and combined with the analytical and planning simulation technology of the intelligent manufacturing line strengthens students' ability of designing and planning the intelligent manufacturing production line, such as equipment selection, simplified workflow and optimized equipment layout, which realizes seamless connection between teaching processes and production processes.

博诺2. "Detection and identification (machine vision) + robot handling and assembly (6-axis robot) + transportation (ring assembly line) + warehousing (palletizing robot)" was perfectly integrated, and the integrated application of 6-axis articular industrial robot, palletizing robot, vision system, and ring assembly line was fully demonstrated, showing the application of intelligent control technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

博诺3. Developed their own intellectual property rights of intelligent manufacturing production line simulation software, has a complete intelligent manufacturing production line component model library, support model update, running history data import,sensor, digital way to create a virtual model of a physical entity, with the aid of data simulation physical entity in the real environment behavior, integration of multiple disciplines, more quantities and multi-scale simulation process, complete the mapping in the virtual space, which reflects the corresponding entity equipment full lifecycle process, the development of digital twin system.

博诺4. It is equipped with teaching resources,such as teaching materials,the PPT,practical training instructions,and the teaching video, etc.