Simulation Training Machine for Five-Axis CNC
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Function Overview 

博诺Simulation training CNC Machine for Five-axis consists of the simulator mainframe, HEIDENHAIN ITNC 640 and SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D, a dual-CNC simulation system, with a digital virtual machine LCD screen display panel, embedded control system, and industrial Vericut CNC multi-axis Simulation software. Programming can becarried out using the CNC system hardware and operation panel interface, operate and drive the virtual machine, simulate real machine tools for virtual cutting, a complete real-time safety practice simulation of the five-axis CNC machine and operation of actual machining.

Product Characteristics 

博诺1.After eight years of Devoted research, development and a 4th generation iterative upgrade, Obtained a number of software Copy rights and patents, Industrial level simulation and real operation experience.

博诺2.It is equipped with world-leading HEIDENHAINITNC 640 and SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D dual CNC system official software.

博诺3.Its also equipped with the world's leading VERICUT, industrial numerical control simulation core software, which supports a number of mainstream numerical control systems and can also be customized with other variety of numerical control systems.

博诺4.Safety training: Set out the CNC machining process, machine safety simulation, NC program verification, optimization, and mainstream CNC system operation application. In the actual training process, it will not cause machine tool collision, casualties and other safety accidents due to improper operation, so as to solve the practical problems in the course of teaching and training, such as the shortage of expensive high-end equipment, not daring to use high-end expensive machines and the expensive maintenance of high-end equipment.

博诺5.After verifying the program on the training simulation CNC machine, the program can be copied and used on the actual Five-Axis CNC Machine and Vic versa.
博诺6.Support Five-axis machine tool accuracy calibration debugging, and Five-axis machine tool system parameters debugging exercise.

博诺7.Supports the editing simulation verification of various advanced instructions of five-axis systems, such as M128, M129, plane spatial, def8.0, def19.1, def7.1 of HEIDENHAIN 640 system; TRAORI, TRAFOOF, CYCLE800(), TRANS, ATRANS, ROT, AROT, SCALE of SIEMENS 840D system.

博诺8.The equipment can use the HEIDENHAIN640 system panel for modular intelligent manual programming, or the Siemens 840D system panel for modular intelligent manual programming.

博诺9.Users can rapidly adjust and improve the virtual Simulation machine tooling control system according to the classroom's needs. Such as defining the arbitrary shape of tool fixtures according to the needs of the manufacture processing technology. Users can also add specific machine tools or modify the structure parameters of machine tools.

博诺10.The software is very flexible, you are able to build your own virtual machine tool and virtual control system. It also supports the machine tool model (including fixture, tooling, etc.) according to the actual machine tool parameters 1:1 custom into the software, to achieve the machine tool cutting function, it can add and modify the CNC system; Parameter tools to define various shapes, such as milling, turning, drilling, probes,etc, can also define any irregular shaped cutting tool.

博诺11.Supports simulation of any machine tool mechanism with two, three, four or five axes.

Reference rendering of training room

Classic case