Machine Vision Teaching Innovation Platform
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Function Overview     

博诺The machine vision teaching innovation platform is a machine vision learning platform developed by Bonus Robotics Technology Company and HuaRay Technology Company, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co Ltd. The vision system consists of an industrial camera, avision controller, a multi-specific optional camera lens, and a light source,and is equipped with a standard MVP vision algorithm platform. Cooperating with Siemens for the training of vision system S7-1200 series PLC, touch screen, Cartesian coordinate with a three-degree-of-freedom (Robot) gantry, high-precision servoslide, calibration board, and various training modules for basic visual learning. Each training module cooperates with the vision system, in addition to the machine vision image acquisition, positioning, image processing, calibration, measurement, identification, logic control, communication, And also the communication between the camera and other equipment such as PLC robot and other basic training projects. As to introduce in further depth the use of a vision system in the industrial production line, which can complete hand-eye calibration, visual tracking, PLC data interaction, and other advanced functions. To satisfy the experimental training and skill evaluation of intelligent control technology, electrical automation, mechatronics, industrial robots, mechanical automation, and other majors.

Product Characteristics   

博诺1. As a strategic partner of Dahua, and relying on Dahua for having a strong vision algorithm research and development team, the technology of their products has been continuously keeping up with the frontier of world vision development and iterative development. Based on Dahua's outstanding strength in the field of visual security, it has been included to the united states "Entity list", it has a strong accumulated visual technology, and is widely used in logistics, food, 3C product processing, and other production lines. Based on Dahua's high market share for the industrial vision system, it has become a "joint training base for robotic vision engineers" for Bonus, which aim is to enable students to seamlessly enter the enterprisework after learning on this platform.

博诺2. Super compatibility, support avariety of mainstream visual algorithm platforms. Provides SDK camera software package, and also provides software tools and SDK interface for connecting and controlling industrial cameras. Supports all HuaRay area-array industrial cameras and line-array industrial cameras, enabling stable and reliable data exchange between industrial cameras and computers, which is convenient for users to quickly conduct secondary development.

博诺3. The MVP vision algorithm platform includes nine functions such as image acquisition, positioning, image processing, calibration, measurement, recognition, auxiliary tools, logic control, and communication, and nearly a thousand image processing units.

博诺4. A comprehensive application features of product quality sorting: Smart camera recognizes and detects products under dynamic or static conditions, and the actuator's Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM) robot classifies products or can also classify them with different grades.

博诺5. Equipped with teaching materials, PPT, training instructions, teaching videos,  and other teaching resources.