PLC Intelligent Control Training System
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Function Overview: 

The PLC intelligent control training system consists of Siemens 1200/1500 series PLC, digital expansion module, analog expansion module, industrial touch screen, servo drive unit, variable frequency drive unit, industrial Ethernet switch, indicator, and a button unit, temperature control module, motor forward and reverse simulation module, traffic light simulation training module, seven-segment display module, water tower, water level, and multiple liquid mixing simulation module, sky tower optical light simulation module, vending machine simulation module, automatic feeding and loading system simulation module, rod slider module, a three-dimensional warehouse application platform, a material sorting application platform, and industrial ethernet communication. The components can be installed on standard mesh control screens and aluminum alloy installation platforms according to the task needed, using field buses and computer networks. And industrial configuration software technology, to establish experimental software and hardware platforms with multi-layer networks; to meet the professional training, and evaluation of intelligent control technology, electrical automation, mechatronics, industrial robots, mechanical automation, and other specialties.

Product Characteristics: 

1. The control system and components use the latest technology from Siemens intelligent control to make technical reserves for intelligent manufacturing-related field competitions (both Siemens PLCs).

2. The open design of the electrical cabinet allows components to be installed on the mesh board according to the task, which facilitates the assembly, programming and debugging of the intelligent control system.

3. Using fieldbus, computer network and industrial configuration software technology, the experimental training software and hardware platform with a multi-layer network is established, so that students can fully understand the characteristics of PLC technology and the advantages of fieldbus and network technology.

4. It is Equipped with teaching resources such as teaching materials, PPT, practical training instructions and teaching videos.