Integrated Training System for Truss Robot
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Function Overview: 

Trussed robots are also known as Cartesian robots and gantry robots. The BNRT-CACS3 truss robot training system consists of a PLC controller, an assembly conveyor, a rectangular coordinate robot handling device, a linear conveyor, a well-type feeding system, and a storage system, console, computer,etc.

The Cartesian robotic handling device is composed of a horizontal X-axis /Y-axis and a vertical Z-axis and a gripper. The controller adopts Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 / 1500 and Siemens V90 servo system. The system can complete the servo assembly of the work piece. The processes of assembly, servo handling, storage processing and an actual simulation of industrial production process.

Product Characteristics: 

1. Using Siemens V90 series high-precision servo drive system and Profinet industrial Ethernet communication to complete full closed-loop control.

2.All sports institutions adopt the hard emergency stop design based on the STO function. Even if it is changed into a program, it does not affect the safety function. At the same time, it is equipped with safety functions such asleakage protection to ensure the safety of teachers and students.

3.Formulti-degree-of-freedom motion, the space angle between each degree of freedomis a right angle.

4.Repeatable programming, all movements run according to the program.

5.Flexible,multi-functional, can be replaced with different tools to adapt to tasks ondifferent occasions.

6.Equipped with teaching resources such as teaching materials, PPT, practical training instructions, and teaching videos.